Bridal Session | Jisun + Kwan Taeck | New York City

I've met Jisun and Kwan Taeck through a good friend of mine about two weeks ago. Although they are leaving for Korea to have their wedding in just few weeks, they wanted to take pictures in their wedding attire here in New York City, because this is where it all happened for them two. We first spoke on a phone briefly then met in person at this cozy coffee place called Sweetleaf in Long Island City. And I gotta admit, it did not take more than a few sips of coffee for me to see what kind of people they are. Both of them are very genuine people that have huge hearts. Just after minutes of talking to them, I knew I was gonna be their photographer.

Although we spent the last week checking the weather forecast constantly and were stressed over it because it was keep on changing, the actual day turned out to be the sunniest day of the week. I had a blast with these two, and have a feeling that my relationship with them is just a beginning.