Engagement Session | Soo + Jieun | Christmas in New York City

First of all, I'd like to say late Merry Christmas to all of you and also HAPPY NEW YEAR! 

2014 has been an incredible year for me, I've got some amazing photos to add to my portfolio, met some great new people, but most of all, I've made a biggest decision in my life. I have decided to go on a 3-month backpacking to Asia to become a stronger person and to develop myself as a better photographer. I will be blogging about this trip very soon in detail. Anyway, in case you didn't read the title of this post, this actually is about two other people, Soo and Jieun.

Soo has been a good friend of mine since we've met in 8th grade. Although he moved to Maryland just shortly after we met, we've been keeping in touch since. Among my good friends, he is the first one to take the giant step forward in life. He's getting married in April next year. Unfortunately, I can't make it to his wedding since I would be in the middle of my trip. Therefore, when Soo asked me if I could take some pictures of him and his fiancé when he comes to visit me in New York, I've thought it'd be a great sincere gesture to express sorriness for my absence to their wedding. 

We've met on the 26th, a day after Christmas. Since it was Jieun's first time being in New York City, we've roamed about the city to give her a little bit of sightseeing experience, then ended up at Dumbo just to catch that sunset. 

I'd like to say congratulations to Soo and Jieun, and I'm so sorry for not being able to make it to the happiest day of your lives, but please know my heart would be with you.