Portrait | Ellen | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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As I've written in the previous post, one of the main reasons for this trip is to develop myself further as a street photographer. However, I've figured I would be burnt out if I solely focus on street photography as this trip is 3-month long. Therefore, I've also decided to shoot some portrait/fashion with local models based in the cities I'm visiting. 


I've found Ellen from Model Mayhem. She had stated in her description that she has zero experience in modeling, but willing to give 100% if given a chance. Although most of her profile pictures were either selfies or shot by her friends, whom I believe aren't professional, she had the look I was searching for. I've contacted Ellen immediately, and her response was very positive. 


After finding Ellen, I've immediately started looking for a makeup artist based in Kuala Lumpur. However, after spending good 6 or 7 weeks of searching, I had no luck. When I've told Ellen that I couldn't find a suitable makeup artist, she had insisted on finding one herself. After a few days, Ellen messaged me with good news, telling me that not only we have a makeup artist, we also got a stylist! And that's how Zef and Steph got on board. 


From that point on, everything went smoothly. Although it had rained a little bit right before we were about to shoot, the weather held off beautifully and little rain actually made the abandoned shops look even better. And I was right about Ellen, although she needed some time in the beginning to get her vibe on, once she was comfortable, Ellen performed excellently on the set.

I honestly think the photos turned out better than I've anticipated, and I'd like to express sincere gratitude to Ellen, Zef, Steph and last but not least, Wai Khuin. I couldn't have done this without you guys, Thank you and hope we see each other again sometime!


Please visit here for the entire set.